Instant Payday Loans: Fast Cash up to £3000

Do you need fast cash to submit your kid’s school fees today? Are you struggling with a month-end financial crisis and need to manage some significant expenses in the next 2 hours? Bad Credits History has come up with instant payday loans, so that you tackle all small expenses in less than 60 minutes. Funding aspirants who are looking to borrow rapid cash up to £3000 from one of the top online direct lenders in the UK can rely on our customer-friendly lending policies and apply for the funds online.

Apply Online in Just 2 Minutes

Applying for “instant online payday loans” on our website is so easy. Click on the “Apply Now” button and fill out our short form secured with 256-bit technology. You just need to fill the loan amount and some personal details only. Finally, click on the submit button. You will receive the “Thank You” message. You would take just 2 minutes to do all these small steps.

Once submitted, the filled form will reach to us in less than a second and our online team of the best professionals will quickly review it and take a favourable decision. Don’t worry, your details are completely safe with us. We don’t share or sell your information to other lenders or any other unauthorized person.

Eligibility Criteria – Jobless, CCJs, and Bankrupt Can Apply

We are not fussy about the applicant’s financial background. Nor we are interested in his social status. Hence, we have kept the eligibility criteria very simple. All 18-75 residents and non-residents in the UK are eligible to access our funds. Even CCJs, defaults, and bankrupt are highly welcome to apply. People who are jobless and in need of fast cash can avail instant payday loans for unemployed. We will solve their immediate financial concerns in the minimal time.

Instant Approval in 45 Seconds – No Wait for the Salary

People keep various expenses under pipeline and start fulfilling them once the next salary is credited into their accounts. However, it is not advisable to put that much burden on the monthly home budget. Moreover, there are some unexpected expenses that can’t be kept pending till the next salary. Instant approval payday loans let you overcome such expenses in no time. Our online team takes just 45 seconds to approve your online application.

You get the needed cash in maximum 2-hour directly into your active bank account. We also offer doorstep cash service for the unemployed and disabled people in the UK. Therefore, you can easily access the payday funds even when you don’t have a bank account.

Zero Documentation- No Credit Report, No Salary Slips

Unlike the conventional lending, you can easily access the instant payday loans without doing documentation. You are NOT required to submit hard or soft copies of salary slips, alternate sources of income, address proof, identity proof, car papers, latest credit rating report, etc. In the nutshell, there is no hurdle to slow down your loan application. We don’t raise a single question and hence not a single second is wasted during the approval process.

Guaranteed Cash with No Guarantors and Collateral

Gone are the days when not a single application used to get approved without the co-signer and collateral. Now, the time has changed and so the lending policies. We never ask our prospective customers to arrange guarantors or submit their valuable assets. We don’t believe in such business policies. We want our customer to be happy and financially stable. Therefore, we offer guaranteed instant payday loans with no guarantor and security.

Zero to Poor Credit Scores are Welcome

Bad Credits History is a specialised direct lender that offers feasible financial solutions to the bad credit customers. Whether you are a first-time borrower or have a poor credit score, you can easily access the best deal on payday loans for bad credit. No credit check is here to halt your application. You get the funds at the same time as the rest of the good score applicants receive.

Assured Low APR Deals for All

Since, the inception of Bad Credits History, we have been very clear about its goal. We want to serve the population in the UK with unmatched lending solutions that are quick and affordable. Therefore, we never strive for earning sky-scraping revenues by charging hefty APRs. You can browse various offers on our website and grab the cheapest deal on bad credit loans. Moreover, as an ethical direct lender, we never charge extra. No upfront or processing charges are here to trouble you. You can apply for the funds without fearing an untoward experience in the future.?

Repay as you like – Lump Sums or Installments

These short-term funds can be borrowed for 3-month to 2-year period. You have both repayment options – lump sums and instalments. If you want to save some interest money and can afford to pay off the total debt at once, then the lump sum is the right choice for you. If you are unemployed or don’t want to overburden your personal budget, then the installment mode is the best choice for you. In the nutshell, our customised and flexible repayment plans on instant online payday loans don’t give you any stress.